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Our mission

Agrecol's mission and vision

We are passionate about delivering safe and comprehensive solutions for both home and garden.

We are a producer who cares about the high quality and effectiveness of our products.
Furthermore, we focus on increasing the availability of high quality products through the development of distribution channels.
We are constantly expanding our offer using innovative solutions and the latest technologies.

Our values

We care for the natural environment

Water power plant

renewable energy sources

We are a company that cares about the natural environment. In response to the threats resulting from climate change and for the sake of our planet, we have built a hydroelectric power plant. The production plant, located near the Prosna River, meets all national and global requirements for the safe production of horticultural chemicals and household chemicals. This also applies to the storage and shipment of finished products.

Agrecol has the international ISO 14001 certificate, which is a confirmation of our professional environmental management policy.

On the market since 1988

Our history

  • Foundation of the company AGRECOL

    The first Biohumus fertilizers

    The company is established and the production of fertilizers based on vermicompost – a product of Californian earthworms – begins.

  • Organic and mineral fertilizers

    Introduction of an organic-mineral series of fertilizers to the offer

    A group of liquid organic and mineral fertilizers based on vermicompost extracts, produced by Californian earthworms. The series consists of a wide range of products, intended for various groups of plants. Organic substances of natural origin are characterized by a very variable composition of macro- and micro-nutrients. In order to balance them and adjust them to the needs of individual groups of plants, the fertilizers have been enriched with the highest quality minerals.

  • International Poznan Trades

    Debut at the fair.



    Start of own packaging production

    Launch of the first packaging production lines.

  • A series of crystalline fertilizers

    Introducing the crystalline series of fertilizers to the offer

    A series of crystalline fertilizers with quick, intervention action, to be dissolved in water. These specialized fertilizers contain a set of macro- and microelements, available in water-soluble form that is easily absorbed by plants.

  • Granular fertilizers

    Introduction of granulated fertilizers to the offer

    Granulated fertilizers for comfortable application. They include fertilizers meeting the specific needs of ornamental and cultivated plants, as well as fertilizers that solve problems in their cultivation. This group includes products with a wide range of applications in home and allotment gardens, for use throughout the gardening season (from spring to autumn).


    Opening of a modern laboratory and CBR Agrecol



    Uruchomienie własnej agencji reklamowej.

  • Plant Protection Products

    Start of production and confection of plant protection products.

    Introduction of fungicides, insecticides and herbicides to our offer.

  • Series of Mineral Gel fertilizers

    Introducing the Mineral Gel series of fertilizers to the offer

    The innovative series of Mineral Gel fertilizers with prolonged release of nutrients that fully meet the nutritional needs of plants. A wide range of fertilizers has been prepared for many species grown at home, on balconies, terraces and in gardens.

  • New AGRECOL office building

    Opening of a new office building


  • New brand – AROX

    Launch of the AROX brand

    Arox offers a wide range of repellents and biocides.

  • New brand – AGRA

    Launch of the AGRA brand

    The AGRA brand was created for enthusiasts of gardening who spend their days caring for their plants, and for those who, expecting a healthy appearance of their plants, value comfort and time.

  • 25th anniversary of the Agrecol company

    A grand festivity at the Centennial Hall in Wrocław


  • New logistics complex

    Launch of a new logistics complex.

  • AGRECOL STRONG – a new series of fertilizers

    Introducing Agrecol Strong series fertilizers to the offer

    Innovative formula of conditioners in easy-to-use applicators.

  • 30th anniversary of the Agrecol company

    A grand festivity in the newly built Madonis factory.


  • A series of fertilizers in capsules

    Introduction of modern fertilizers in the form of capsules to the offer.

    Measured doses, high efficiency and easy application.


    Expanding the offer of natural and ecological plant products.

    Plant extracts, beneficial microorganisms.

We are appreciated

Awards and certificates

We are laureates of many awards, both for the most developing companies and product awards granted by institutions and economic entities important for the industry.

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Plant protection products should be used safely. Before each use, read the information provided on the label and product information. Know the hazards and follow the precautions listed on the label. Biocidal products should be used with caution. Before each use, read the label and product information. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the products offered, which result from technological progress.